saxophone-1511480The saxophone is usually thought of as a jazz instrument, however it has also been used successfully with symphonic music such as Bizet, Massenet, and Berlioz. It has a singing quality with a rich middle register, commanding low register, and an exciting and colourful extended range.

A saxophone for a child is a great starting point for learning music. The middle range is easy to play and even with the very beginners, a squeak is not very commonly heard, as long as they are taught correctly right from the start.

Watch this clip to listen to what a saxophone sounds like.

What are the requirements?

  • You will need a saxophone, a few reeds and a music book that will be on your enrolment confirmation. I strongly recommend hiring a saxophone from MusicWorks Epsom. You can hire on a monthly, term, school year or annual basis. Please make sure you let them know that Melanie Wilton Music referred you.
  • It is suggested that you also get a music stand and download a metronome app.

What am I going to get out of the lessons?

  • You will learn how to play a reed instrument with a clear and a melodic tone.
  • As you progress through the levels, you will learn how to read all notes and understand different types of rhythm.

What is the recommended age for learning the flute?

  • I teach saxophone to students from 8 – 108.  If your child has not played a wind instrument before, it is recommended that they learn the recorder for a term.


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4 students max
entry level only



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