Thank you for your interest in my tutoring services. Below is a collection of standard questions that every parent and student want to know. If there is something not on this list that you would like an answer to, please use the form to the right to contact me or alternatively, please feel free to call me using the numbers on the contact me page.


Does my child need to bring their own instrument?

Yes. Private learning is best done with your own instrument so that you can continue to practice at home and also become familiar with the sounds and operations of your instrument. However, I have my own electric piano, so you do not need to bring a keyboard to piano lessons.

Where is the best place to hire or buy an instrument from?

When choosing a company to source your instruments from, it is important not to just look at the cheapest price. I have found that students can be discouraged when they learn on a cheap instrument, as the instruments may need servicing more frequently and the tone is not as nice.


I recommend MusicWorks Epsom to hire your instruments and buy a keyboard or piano. If you are wanting to purchase a new or second hand woodwind instrument, I recommend you buy it through Dr Toot. When hiring from MusicWorks Epsom or buying from Dr Toot, please let them know that Melanie Wilton Music referred you.

How are fees paid?

Fees are charged on a ‘per term’ basis and must be paid prior to the first lesson of the term. Fees can be paid by regular fortnightly or monthly installments but must be paid in advance.

Fees can be paid by internet banking or exact cash. You will be provided with an invoice which will have the bank account details on.

What happens if we do not pay in advance?

If fees are not paid, it may result in the lessons being suspended.

What happens if we miss a lesson?

You will be required to attend a ‘make-up’ lesson. These lessons are run on Mondays and Fridays.

There will be no credit or reimbursement if a lesson is missed.

What happens if we are late to the lesson?

Each student is given a set time that their lessons start and finish. If you are late, the lesson will still finish at the agreed time.

What happens if my child no longer wants to participate in music lessons?

Melanie Wilton Music requires 4 weeks notice if you intend to withdraw from lessons. If insufficient notice is given you will still be charged the four week cancellation period.



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